I started my AWS journey in 2019. As a means to learn services I decided to built a simple static S3 website. I did not want to spend much money on this. I only spend $0.50 a month on this site.

I'm a data engineer and thus my strong suit is backend database and ETL programming. I prefer backend development as a result, but strive to improve my front end skillset as well. I have certification in AWS Developer.

Services used in this site include:


This page contains a list of our favorite recipes.


Unless you go to the same auto shop and trust your mechanic not to cheat you... I find it useful to keep track of services done to our cars. This way when we get that call for an inspection, we can easily say... 'we had that done recently and don't need it right now'.

Utility Usage

Tracks usage in units for utilities such as water and gas. This page is using Google Charts to diplay some visualizations of the data.